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June 16, 2008

Post Your Link to Your Arthurian Legend Glogster Here and a Poll for You

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June 12, 2008

June 12, 13, 16: Arthurian Legend Research Resources

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Topic Recommended Online Resources
Tintagel Castle
Origins of Arthurian Legends
The Women of Arthurian Legend
Knights of the Round Table
Queen Guinevere
The Lady of the Lake
Sir Lancelot or Sir Launcelot
Morgan le Fay and Morgause
King Arthur
The Holy Grail or Sangreal in Arthurian Legend
Quest of the White Stag and Quest of the White Hart
Uther Pendragon
Sir Galahad
Sir Gawain


June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008: Post Chapter 3 Survey, I am Mordred

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June 11: Post Chapter 3 Reflections, I am Mordred

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In Chapter 3, Nyneve repeatedly tells Mordred it is “hard to be a woman.”

1. Why do you think it might have been difficult to have been a woman during the days of this tale even though there was supposed to be a “code of chivalry” that mandated men were supposed to treat women with respect? Explain your ideas.

2. We live in a time hundreds of years removed from the time of our story, yet some would argue that women’s rights have not changed much since these times on a global basis. Do you believe it is still “hard to be a woman” in this day and age? Consider this question as it relates to women in our country and women/girls around the world. Explain your feelings on this position, and give specific reasons and examples to support your position.

Compose a paragraph for EACH question; in other words, please write two paragraphs.  🙂

EACH paragraph should be 8-10 sentences. Develop your ideas with specific examples and reasons. See Mrs. Hamilton if you have questions or need help!

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