A Place in the Sun: 10th Literature/Composition

June 16, 2008

Post Your Link to Your Arthurian Legend Glogster Here and a Poll for You

Please post your link to your Glogster link under this post. 
1.  State your topic.
2.  Copy and paste the URL to your Glogster.

Please take the poll below:



June 13, 2008

Tips for Effective Glogsters from Mrs. Fleet


Try this cool new Web 2.0 tool to create a more exciting product for presenting the results of your research! Click here to access Glogster! Here’s all you do:

  • Collect and organize your research information

  • Login to Glogster

  • Choose a wall or background for your glog–don’t make it too “busy” or it will detract from your poster

  • Select text boxes and type your research information into several text boxes, dividing it into categories according to the topics you are researching

  • Select graphics from Glogster or import your own images from your own pictures or from Creative Commons  or Flickr Creative Commons to illustrate your topic. You can also try Google Images, but some pictures may be covered by copyright.

  • Add sound or video if you are brave!

Here are some good glogs to look at:

June 11, 2008

June 12-13, 2008: Exploring Elements of Arthurian Legend

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Today and tomorrow, we will explore elements of Arthurian legend.  Here are your instructions!

1.  Go to http://webtech.cherokee.k12.ga.us/creekview-hs/buffyhamilton/arthur_legend_webquest_summer_2007.htm#Resources and choose a topic of interest to you.  You may need to surf a few of the topics before you commit.

2.  Once you have explored your topic and its resources, use the graphic organizer I have provided you to record information and take notes.

3.  Once you have recorded your notes, go to http://www.glogster.com/.  See the Glogster requirements and instructions below:

Glogster Requirements and Instructions

1.  Complete the notetaking form I have provided you.
2.  Your Glogster must include the following: 

  • 6 text boxes:  this should include important information about your topic.
  • 3 images that relate to the person you are researching
  • Video, audio, and or graphics as they relate without detracting from your presentation.
  • Your information must be in your own words.
  • You must use the resources I have provided you for information in your research.

 3.  Do not include your last name when saving your Glogster; first name only, name of topic, and 10A.

Example:  GwynethGuinevere10A

4.  Submit the link to your Glogster presentation to me via our blog:  there will be a blog post where you can copy and paste this link on Friday, June 13.

Here are some examples: 

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