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June 26, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008: Final Peach Book Essay

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Good morning!  Please post your final Peach Book reflections/analysis/response essay here.  Thank you!

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  1. Question 1
    In the book Code Orange a sixteen year old boy named Mitty Blake has been assigned a research project about fatal diseases. Mitty hasn’t taken part in school all year long and he must do this project if he wishes to pass the advanced biology class. Mitty decides to do his project on smallpox due to the fact that he found a hundred and two year old text book in his country home with an envelope containing Variola Major Scabs. Mitty pulls the scabs out of the envelope and breaks up one of them. Mitty breathes in the dust from the scab and rubs his nose and face after he has handled the scabs. Mitty who now believes that he has contracted the smallpox virus is going out in the public to research his topic and to spend time with the girl that he likes.
    Question 2
     The major characters of the novel are the following. Mitty Blake, Olivia, Derrick, Mr. Lynch, Mitty’s mother and father, and all of Manhattan.
     Mitty is a round character because his opinion changes all through out the book.
    Olivia is a flat character because all of her traits stay the same until Mitty was kidnapped.
    Derrick is a flat character because he only thinks about the anthrax murders.
     Mitty is a dynamic character because he changes his views on every page.
    Olivia is a static character because she stays with the same general outlook no matter what happens to her or anyone else.
    Derrick is both a static and dynamic character because he has the thoughts of how stuff can be solved but focuses on other things.
     I relate to Mitty the most because he feels that he can get anything done by himself and that he feels school is a waste of time after the eighth grade. Mitty goes out on is own and he stays to himself generally.
    Question 3
    The major theme to Code Orange is that smallpox is a dangerous disease and that it should not be taken lightly. It also covers that independence for teens is a good thing but that the teen should know when to ask for help.
    Question 4
    Two of the major conflicts throughout Code orange are between Mitty and himself. Mitty thinks that he may be carrying smallpox but he isn’t sure so he is trying to decide what to do. Another major conflict is when Mitty is thinking of killing himself, Mitty believes that suicide is a cheaters way out but he doesn’t what to give anyone else the virus if he does if fact have smallpox.

    Question 5
     “Variola Major is a virus. It has on task-to take over the cells of other creatures. And spread.” Back cover
     This passage is important to me because it sets the mood of the novel and tells what is going to happen. This passage is everything the book is and everything that you need to know about the topic.
    Question 6
    The title explains the book but it only starts to make sense when you start to get to the end. The title starts to become understandable after you have read the 12th chapter and you start to think about the 9/11 attacks. The title should have more to do with the internal struggle that exist in Mitty and why he is having this struggle. The title is more referring to terrorist attacks, and the point of the novel when the terrorist kidnap Mitty to harvest his smallpox to start biological warfare.
    Question 7
    I would recommend this book to people that has an understanding and the same point of view on Middle Eastern people that I have. This is because there are points of the book that if you don’t have the same point of view and I do then someone might find it offensive. I believe that I would rate this book an eight out of ten because it has its good points but the climax was very disappointing. I do think this book should be a peach book nominee because it holds your interest almost throughtout the entire book. I don’t think I would vote this book for the award just yet because I haven’t read any of the other nominees books .

    Comment by brian s. — June 26, 2008 @ 6:08 pm

  2. Bryan D

    The novel I was reading is the first part last the plot was Bobby who in printed his girlfriend Nia he has to take care of his infant by himself. Feather the babies name stresses bobby out a lot and he struggles to keep the baby healthy because he can’t make much money. Bobby realizes that he can’t play and go out and does teenager fun anymore because he has to spend all the time to take care of Feather. Bobby at the end of the book learns to love her deeply and will die and have to go to heaven to protect her.
    The main characters in this novel are Bobby and Nia and Feather. They are all involved of having a baby under aged. Bobby the main character tells about his life as a kid to teenager years. Bobby was like any other teenage boy, played basket ball with his friends, went to the movie to throw popcorn a each other, until he got Nia pregnate.Nia the one that has Bobby’s baby his girlfriend doesn’t take care of the baby and leaves her with Bobby. I can relate myself to Bobby the most because he talks and does some of the same thing in the same ways as I. Feather doesn’t do much in the story except make Bobby really stressed.
    The major theme of this story is, try to tell the teens how much responsibility it is to take care of a baby. The author’s theme try to tell teens how much your life changes when you have a baby and how it affects all the people around. Another theme is telling the reader that there a lot of money and very stressful. The author was trying to inform young adults to not get pregnant.

    One of the major conflicts in this story was, Bobby having to tell Nia’s parents that had trusted him a lot had to tell them he got their daughter pregnant. “Yeah Mr. Willkie I got your daughter pregnant” he later on said that he knew that they expected better behavior than that from them. This conflict would be both internal and external. Another main conflict Bobby has is internal stress the stress of doing fifty things at once is very hard for Bobby to do. He goes from having free time to play with his friends to having a full schedule everyday.

    One quote I really enjoyed is when he said “we do the first part last” the name of the book also but it really hit me when he said that because the book really follow everything even when it goes though flashbacks, but he was talking about his baby and how they started at the last part. “I can tell you how it feels to be brand-new with my daughter, but I don’t know what comes next in place called Heaven” this one really touched me and it really lead me to believe that Bobby will be the best teenager dad.

    This title absouloutly fits the book name. The First Part Last was mention at the begging of the book where Bobby was talking to his new born baby saying this is how we start off with the first part last. I can tell this book was made before the title. This book does start from the last point where Bobby already had the baby and then slowly we moved into the past where Nia just got pregnant.

    I would recommend this book to all young adults because it lets the reader learn about teen pregnancies and how much responsibility is to have of it. If all teens read this book they would think twice about going and getting pregnant I would give this book a eight simply because it may be confusing to some people to get . if everyone read the same this book would be a number ten because even though it’s fiction it still has lots of information about being pregnant and what’s it like to have a child. This book is a peach book nominee and I think it should be. I would vote the book a peach book because I loved the book and imp sure more teens would love this book as well.

    Comment by Bryan D — June 26, 2008 @ 6:16 pm

  3. Book: Code Talker

    The plot is that the Navajo Indians used their native language as a secret code in World War Two. Ned, the main character, is apart of this. At the beginning, Ned goes to a boot camp filled with other Navajo Indian children. He is one of the best students there because he spoke the English language but he does speak his native language around the other boys when there is no “white man” to tell him not to. A while after he was in this boot camp, a man recruiting Navajo Indians that were fluent in English and Navajo and the age of 18, could join. Ned wanted to be one of the few, the proud, the Marines. So he talked to his parents and got them to vouch for him just in case they did not believe that he was 18, when in fact he was not. He went to training camp and went into the war after he had finished it. He was apart of the Code Talkers, who spoke the native language as a secret code so that the Japanese would not know what they were saying during WWII. In the end we win, of course, but some of Ned’s friends die while in the war. The Code talkers could not go home soon after the war, though. Two were reassigned to the Army and Navy. They could not tell anyone what they had seen or heard. He finally got home and his parents insisted that he have an Enemyway. Finally, in 1969, they were able to talk about being a code talker.
    Ned Begay was a major character of this novel. Ned was a major character because he was the one who was the narrator but he was telling his point of view and what happened during World War II. He was a very dedicated Marine and understood a lot about thing after he was out of the war. The only other characters were the other Navajo Indians and his parents but they were all mainly stayed the same throughout this novel. The other characters stayed the same whenever they were mentioned but the novel was mainly based around Ned Begay. Well since there was really only Ned and his family I would say his parents. I would say I was related to his parents because if my child felt as strongly as he did and wanted to go into war I would support him/her 100% no matter how much it hurt.
    One of the major conflicts of this novel is that Navajo Indians weren’t able to be who they were because of the “white man”. These conflicts are internal most of the time but in the beginning, when Ned was talking to the other Navajo children it seemed that it became an external conflict. Another major conflict in this novel was when he wanted to join the Marines, his parents told him to wait even though he needed to. This was a major conflict because he wanted to go into the Marines and show that he and the other Navajo Indian children are just as good as a “white man”.
    One memorable passage is “Iwo Jima was the key. It opened the door to the invasion of Japan and the end of the Pacific War. B-29’s from Guam and Saipan passed over Iwo Jima without being attacked.” I choose this passage because, to me, it showed what they would have to do to end and win the war. The second passage is “I was only six years old and I was worried. I sat behind our Hogan, leaning against its familiar walls and looking up toward the mesa. I hoped I would see an eagle, for that would be a good sign. I also hoped I would not hear anyone call my name, for that would be a sign of something else entirely.” I choose this passage because it was showing how old he was when he went to that boot camp and how he was worried to go there even though his father and grandfather had to go. These paragraphs are memorable because they show him being a Marine started and how it was going to end.
    I do feel like the title of this novel is appropriate. I feel it is appropriate because it is telling a story of how a young Navajo Indian boy becomes a hero because he was a code talker during World War II. This title relates to the plot because it is practically the plot. I mean, the novel is telling what Ned did while he served as a Marine in WWII.
    I would recommend this book to someone else but only if they were interested in joining the Marines someday like I am. On a scale of 1 -10 I would rate this book an 8. I would rate this book an 8 because it had a good plot from the beginning and I enjoyed reading about something I didn’t even know about. I do think it is worthy to be a Peach Book Award nominee. I think this because it kept me wanting to keep reading until I finished. I would vote this novel a winner. I think this because it did keep me wanting to read and it had great detail.

    Comment by Karlie — June 26, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

  4. 1) Much of the book is composed of thoughts of the main character, but although the plot is slowly developed due to these thoughts, the book is still quite well written. The story begins by introducing the lead character, Christopher John Francis Boone, who is walking around in the middle of the night. Chris then notices that a dog, Wellington, lay dead in Mrs. Shears’s garden. Chris goes to hug the dog, and shortly afterwards Mrs. Shears notices what he is doing and calls the police. Chris is then asked questions at a rate he can’t process them, so he refuses to listen. A policeman grabs a hold of Chris, but Chris hits him due to his dislike of people’s touching him. Chris is escorted to the police station where his father goes to pick him up. This is when Chris decides to figure out who killed Wellington.
    Even though Chris is not very good with people, he forces himself to go out and ask around the neighborhood in order to see if he can find some clues. Eventually he meets a nice old lady named, Mrs. Alexander, who speaks to him very gently. Chris does not like strangers so he leaves quite quickly thinking that she might call the police for trespassing. Then Chris goes to Mrs. Shears’s house and asks her questions, but notices the gate is open so he does a bit of investigating; Mrs. Shears is not pleased so she threatens to call the cops
    In Chris’s house, his father explains to him that he can never investigate about Wellington. In fact, his father makes him promise this, and Chris agrees— Chris takes promises quite seriously. Chris does not continue his investigation much, but he continues to write his book and tries to find loopholes as to find things.
    One day, Chris leaves his book in the counter, and his father finds it. His father is not pleased at all and he has a big argument with Chris which leads to physical abuse. His father apologizes and Chris forgives him, but his father still does not allow him to have his book back neither does he allow him to continue his investigation.
    With this said, Chris goes through his father’s room while his father is working while keeping open ears in case his father returned. This is when the story takes up another mystery; after searching for a while, Chris finds a box which contains his book as well as some letters. Chris hears his father’s vehicle, so he decides to leave the book there but takes one of the letters. Chris goes to his room and reads the letter to find that his mother isn’t truly dead.
    Chris then goes through the letters while his father is out of the house, and he finds out quite a bit about his mother and how much she loves him although she cannot stand his eccentric ways. Eventually through much time, investigating, A levels maths, and reading letters Chris finds out that it was his father who killed Wellington.
    Frightened by the fact that a dog had been killed by his father, Chris flees to London in order to find his mother. He uses the addres in the envelopes and eventually finds her mother where he explains the situation. Chris also finds that Mr. Shears had been living with his mother though he doesn’t mind this much. His mother is quite pleased and decide sto allow him to stay with them.
    After some time, Chris’s father visits his mother’s house. Chris refuses to talk to his father due to the whole dog killing incident, but Chris’s father shows to be very sorry. His father, in fact, had bought him a dog to make up and was quite upset. Chris then lived with his mother and visited his father along with his dog from time to time. He felt happy, which is a change from his usual confused expression when it comes to feelings, and the story is concluded.
    2) The main characters in this story is obviously the narrator, Chris. Chris is a strange boy who cannot understand human emotions very well, but he can compute physics and mathematics very well. Chris remembers quite a bit of numerical trivia such as prime numbers and goes to a special school, though he take snormal mathematics. One can assume that Chris is austetic although it is only implied. Chris values dogs very highly for their loyalty and is quite upset when Wellington dies.
    Chris’s father can be considered the main antagonist of the story since he does delay Chris’s investigation as well as hides information from him, such as his mother’s well being. His father has been quite scarred by the fact that his wife left him for another man, but he does seem to love Chris very much. It is possible that he only withholds information with fear of Chris becomign frightened by the truth.
    Chris’s mother does not physically do much in the story, but her letters are a mayorly important plot drive. Chris’s mother is not as temperate as Chris’s father, but, non-the-less, she loves Chris.
    Mrs. Shears often visits Chris’s house and cooks for his father and him. She can also be considered an antagonist as she does slow down Chris’s investigation any time Chris comes near her house. Mrs. Shears believes that Chris killed Wellington.
    Mr. Shears was Mrs. Shears husband, but now lives with Chris’s mother. Not much is known about this character other than the fact that Chris’s father thinks of him as an evil man.
    Mrs. Alexander serves as a mentor for Chris, although Chris takes a while to accept her. She talks to him and attempts to befriend him many times, and also provides him with information such as what type of person Mr. Shears is.
    Some minor characters include: Siobhan is the reason that the book is written. She is Chris’s psychiatrist and explains things to Chris in much detail. She is a very understand woman who is very old; Ms.Gascoyne who is the head-mistress of Chris’s school; Reverend Peters who attempts to explain the concept for Christianity to Chris; Toby, Chris’s pet rat; and Wellington who is the dog that dies.
    3) I am not quite sure as to what the theme is, although I would say that is is possible that it is the following: “Holding important family secrets back in fear of their destroying a family can greatly drift apart family members.” If Chris’s father had let Chris see his mother from time to time, it is possible that Chris would not have so apt to leave him near the ending of the story. Many people who find out thing s about their family at a later age tend to question their childhood and life..
    4) The main conflict and the thing that starts everything is Chris’s trying to find the murderer of Wellington. This conflit is introduced at the very beginning and it is the root to many internal and external conflicts such as Chris’s fight with his father. His fight with his father leads to an internal conflict within Chris’s father of sadness and regret. This also leads Chris into finding letters about his mother which lead into an internal conflict as to trying to find out whether or not she is dead. One could say that the main conflict brings about a chain reaction of conflicts that are slowly resolved and explained throughout the story.
    5) “… blood cots mmuch more easily when you are lying down for a long time, like when you are in the hospital. Father said, ‘I’m sorry, Christopher, I’m really sorry.’/ But it wasn’t his fault.” (28) has to be a passage that spoke much to me. Although everything in this book wa squite interesting to read, this passage reveals my personal thoughts on people’s reactions to death. Why apologize when you’ve done nothing? I’d much rather people not show pity for when a relative of mine dies, specially if I do not know that relative very well.
    (Attached to the back) (190-198). This scene is very warm hearted in my opinion and I enjoyed reading itquite a bit. It shows how caring parents can be regardless of how long they’ve been away from their children; it also shows how agitated parents can get when there’s a chance their children may be taken away from them.
    6) The title depicts the main conflict that brings about every other conflict in the story. Though the book does not focus on this main conflict, the fact that everything is centered around it makes the conflict title-worthy. Had it not been for Chris’s father’s murdering of Wellington, Chris would have never had a reason to interact with Mrs. Alexander, nor would Chris have had a reason to look through his father’s room to find his mother’s letters.
    7) I would not recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a very action filled adventure type thing, but rather to people who are more interested in thoughts. The book’s physical advancement of the plot is little compared to the unrelated thoughts of Christopher and thoughts brought about by plot-driving events. It is definitely deserving of award winning status for it brings the reader into a different style of writing.

    Comment by Nicolas — June 26, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

  5. The peach book I read was “I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I Would Have to Kill You.” It was written by ally carter. It was definitely a good read and I would totally recommend it to anyone. The main plot was that the girls at a spy private school were given missions to complete. They had to do these missions in a way that they wouldn’t get caught. The exposition of the story would definitely have to be getting a new teacher, Mr. Solomon. If Mr. Solomon weren’t the teacher than they wouldn’t have to do the missions that they did. The rising action is when Cammie, Bex, and Liz were assigned a mission to go to a carnival and figure out what kind of soda their teacher, Mr. Smith was drinking. They were almost successful when completing the mission, but they ended up failing. The Climax of the story would be being assigned to watch this kid Josh’s family. You see, this was not so easy for Cammie because her and josh began to like each other. It couldn’t happen but she knew she did like him. The falling action would be Josh and Cammie finally getting together. He still has no idea what exactly goes on at Gallagher Academy, he just believes it’s a normal school. The exposition is cammie finding out the truth about her parents and josh and her breaking up. Before she knew only certain things about her parents, now she knows more. She almost messed up the whole operation and could’ve been killed, but she wasn’t.
    The major characters in this novel are Josh, Cammie, Rebecca, Bex, Solomon, Liz, and Macey. They are all very different. Cammie is the girl who is absolutely in love with spying. She looks up to what both of her parents have done in their spy career and she finds it completely interesting. She is very hard headed and doesn’t know how to accept things the way they are. Now when it comes to Liz, she is a very smart girl. She loves quizzes and always looks forwards to tests. Also, she is the one who should always lead a mission. Every mission thrown at her she thinks everything out thoroughly till she knows exactly what to do. Bex is the model. Everyone talks about how she is so gorgeous. She almost didn’t make it into Gallagher Academy. Now, Macey is the president’s daughter. She is very rude and stuck up. Not many people like her in the Academy, well except for phenomenal fashion sense. Solomon is the hot teacher. He is very friendly and has a thing going on with Rebecca, Cammie’s mom. She is very different. At times you see her doing her job being strict, others she is very loving and cute. Josh is Cammies lover boy. He’s the center of Cammies mission. He used to be hilarious and funny but at the end he’s some what dull, I guess you would call him a round and dynamic character. Another round character would be Cammie and Rebecca. Both of them have a hard side but slowly reveal a softer side. Cammie would also be a dynamic character. She becomes a different person after being with Josh.
    I think the major theme in this story is dedication. It seems as if nothing will ever stand in the way of Rebecca and Cammie’s work. They always seem to remain dedicated to “spy.” For example, Josh was Cammie’s mission interest. She had to go and spy and figure things out on him. Although, she did begin to fall for him she did not let that get in the way of her work. In the end, Josh and Cammie had broken up due to all her spy work. Another theme would be Love. This is because everything that goes on in the Gallagher Academy is done out of Love or passion for the subject. Everyone there loves each other including each other’s flaws.
    The major conflicts in this story would be Cammies dedication to her work or Josh. Another would probably be one single word: Macey. Macey is the epitome of a rich-spoiled brat. Nobody can quite get along with her, and nobody even tries. Also she is so hard headed and always has to have her way with everything; it causes problems among the academy. This would be an external conflict among everyone. In the cammie and josh situation she just had major choices to make, whether josh was better then spying, which at the end of the day he wasn’t. This was an internal conflict.
    “He stood and strolled to the window. I saw his reflection in the sunny glass as he spoke. “He always said you were going to be good.” Okay, so maybe he was still a little hot. . . . “Cammie, I think I have been pretty hard on you this semester, “ Joe Solomon said, as if letting me in on a secret. “You know why?” because you hate me was the answer that sprang to my mind, though I knew it wasn’t the right one. “I’ve already lost one member of the Morgan family I care about.” He looked between me and my mom. “so I’d give about anything for you to never come into my classroom again” ( pg. 277). I think this passage is very significant and shows a lot of meaning. Its because he finally talks about how much he cares for the Morgan family and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. I think this is the first true time he has shown emotion. He almost lost another Morgan, and was almost in shock about it. Another favorite passage is as follows: “Is this the world I would choose if I could go back-be ignorant and blissful and happy – If I could live in a white picket fence on a white picket street and be ignorant of the unpleasant deeds that have to be done in places most people can’t find on a map? I don’t know. Maybe I would if my mind was like an Etch a Sketch and I could shake it and erase all that I know. But I’m in too deep now. I know what goes bump in the night and how to fight it.” I think this is memorable because you know that she’s never going to give up spying. She would probably if she hadn’t been put into spy school for such a long period of time, but now its too late to back out. I think its significant because it definitely shows the main theme: Dedication.
    I think the title totally fits the novel. Its seeming as if Cammie can not find a way to say I love you to anyone. She can’t find a way to put her love into someone. Everything to her is less important than spying. That’s the reason why her and Josh couldn’t make it. It totally fits because I could see her actually killing someone before saying those three words. I would recommend this book to someone else. Not to someone on the adult level but on a teenage level. It was good read and never failed to surprise me. Your always thinking, what’s going to happen next? Everything you predict will happen is always the total opposite of what actually occurs. I do think it is Peach book worthy just because this book is a total 9. Its very creative of how Ally Carter put this together. My vote would’ve been towards this book because its something that interests me.

    Comment by Beverly — June 26, 2008 @ 6:29 pm

  6. Junior A

    The exposition of the book is when they all are introduced by different resident scenes, and try to convince their parents not to go to the party because they all have different personalities and different interest. The parents tell them that they have no choice and that it is a very important meeting. Next the rising action, is when the kids all then reach the party and went upstairs into the game room, a place that the have to go every time when their parents have these meeting, where they all sat of boredom miserably. They decide to make the best of the time that they have and try to decide on a game to play to make time pass by. They came up of a plan to spy on the parents to figure out what is so important that they come to these meeting. The main character, Alex, then tells them that their house had a secrets passageway that his Dad had build for security, a way that leads to the library where their parents have the meetings, and that they could use this way to see what is going on. This then leads to the climax of the story, where they then see through a one way mirror, where their parents are all dressed up into superhero costumes sitting at a round table. They all then see a so called sacrifice of Alex’s dad committing a murder and stabbed a teenage girl. This concluded to the falling action when, they all then make plans to meet up, when their parents are sleeping, and report to the cops what they saw. Although the cops did not believe them it was up to them to gain proof and find evidence on that crime they thought they saw that was committed. They go through many tasks finding out facts about themselves that they never knew about since childhood. Some of the kids inherited special powers and found out many important things about their lives and what their parents are really about, Leading to the conclusion, the parents come to find out that their children unmasked the secret that they kept a secret for years, and go through many obstacle to capture and contain their children, but prevailed.

    The major characters in the story would be the children: Alex a young African American boy who is the mastermind and backbone of the plans they go through, Karolina vegetarian who then inherited superpowers, Gert the physical scientist and smart one of the group who finds out that she has a raptor for a pet, Chase the knucklehead boy who is stubborn and never listens , Molly a young eleven year-old girl who go through many body changing experiences in the story, and Nico the dark gothic girl who everyone admires and has a magical staff as a weapon. Also there are the parents, who are the superheroes, and the people that the kids try to convict of a crime. Each character has their unique way and plays an important role on their accomplishments due to their different personalities. I would identify Alex as the strongest of the group, because he is the backbone and keeps everyone in check of what they are doing. If it wasn’t for him to come up with all the plans they use, the kids wouldn’t accomplish the things they did.

    I believe that the main them of the story is not to jump to conclusion. If you don’t know that facts and the reason that people are doing what they are, then you should to take it among yourself to do what you think is right. You must know and understand the evidence actual facts before you do anything you’re going to regret. The whole story could have been resolved if they asked their parents and try to communicate with them, rather than trying to destroy them and convict them of what they thought they saw.

    The main major conflicts in the story would be between the parents and their children. They have to capture them to make sure they are not doing anything that they are going to regret. The kids deal with conflict with society and try to find a way to show the authorities that their parents have committed a serious crime. Some internal conflicts that the group of kids faces would be whether or not they should turn on their parents or go by their side. Major external conflicts they also face would be between them and their parents. At the Hayes Residence around 5:48 A.M. they face their parents with a fight, and defeat them trying to retrieve Molly from the house.

    A very important quote that I remember is when Gert find a cave in her basement and receives a hologram version of them. “Hey, squirt. I’m sorry, but if you’re watching this projection we recorded…your mother and I are probably dead. This passage is most important and one that I most remember because they show the fact that they know what is going to happen to their lives, and have seen the future on what is to become of their kids. Another passage would be toward the end when Alex’s dad and the rest of their superhero group tell him that he is a wanted man and that if he turns on the radio station and looks at the news that he will see that he is convicted of the murder that his dad committed. “Police are still searching for sixteen-year-old Alex Wilder, wanted in connection with yesterday’s murder in Malibu.” This passage shows me how much powers the parents actually have and is why they probably haven’t been revealed in so many years.

    The title of my novel, Runaways, is appropriate for my book in many ways. This title represents and quotes what and who the kids are now that they found out the truth about their parents. Running away is exactly what the kids do every time they run into conflict with their parents and what they did when they first met up to come together trying to seek justice for their parents. As you can see the title relates to the book and is appropriate for whom the kids are.

    I would definitely recommend this book to so many people who enjoys reading books and loves to read superhorse stories. This book caught my attention in so many ways and due to the fact that it is a sequel, make me want to go and get the other continue version. On a scale of one through ten I would give this book a 10. Although I don’t enjoy reading books, this one in particularly caught my attention and makes me want to continue reading many other books. This book is worthy of being nominated, but although it is written in a comic version, would be a negative affect on its advantage. This book is written in a great perspective and shows many conflicts that you wouldn’t see in a everyday family. I would vote this book as a winner award, as my own opinion, due to the creativity the author uses in it and the quest that the kids must face and go through.

    Comment by Junior A — June 26, 2008 @ 6:33 pm

  7. Peach Book Essay

    Nothing to Lose is a about a kid named Michael Daye. A year ago was torture for Michael when his mom married his new stepdad, Walker Monroe. Everything probably looked perfect on the outside, a perfect house, perfect lawyer, and his perfect “trophy wife”, so he called her. But on the inside it was all wrong. Walker hit Michael’s mom, and sometimes even Michael, but Michael didn’t take much crap from him, so it wasn’t that often. He didn’t tell anyone about it, and whenever he did Walker would deny it to whoever it was, so it was pointless. And the weird thing is, is that his mom would deny it too. And she won’t leave him; Michael just can’t figure it out. So when Michael decides to leave with the traveling fair he finds that their motto “don’t ask, don’t tell” is a welcoming getaway from the chaos at home.
    And now Michael is back in Miami; a year later. And his mom is on trial for murder. Now Michael is stuck at a crossroad; deciding if he should just leave and forget about what happened in the past, or help his mom. He has a fabulous lawyer; he’s befriended by an old friend, and finds an old friend that he thought was lost to him forever. Hopefully he can get through this.

    The major characters would vary from the past and future. The past characters would have to be Michael, Kristie, Michael’s mom (Lisa), and Walker. The future characters would have to be Michael, Angela, and Karpe. Kristie is a carnie; she’s the one that persuaded Michael to runaway from it all. She’s a girl that doesn’t take crap; I wouldn’t mess with her. She also has an unknown side; one that Michael finds surprising. Lisa is, I would say, pathetic. She takes all of Walkers crap, and doesn’t stop him even once. She lets him beat her, and she thinks that she has to be the loyal wife and just take it; it’s stupid. Walker is a jerk; for lack of a better term. He beats Lisa without mercy; a lot. He threatens her, and calls her names. But I think the real reason he always does it is because she doesn’t so anything about; she pretty much just sits back while he does it. And that’s where he gets the satisfaction; seeing that he can do that without anyone getting in the way. Angela is a nice woman, and also Michael’s lawyer. She is also Karpes’ stepmom. She helps Michael through all the trial stuff with his mom, and she even takes him to see her. Karpe is a cool kid, and a great friend. He was there last year and helped Michael a little, but in the recent year he helped big time. He’s the one that told Michael about Angela, and when he knew Michael was at the fair (when he was hiding there) he didn’t tell anyone. He seems like a friend that’ll stick by you no matter what. I think I would relate more to Karpe than any of the others. I know that if my friend was in some kind of situation like that I would help them in any way I could.

    I think that the major themes of this book are drama and suspense. Because every where you turn in this book something is happening, and its dramatic. =) And the suspense was always killing me. Flinn writes to where every time you get to the end of a chapter, or even a page, you’re rushing for the next. I know I was kept on the edge of my seat.

    I think there was only really one major conflict in this book, and that was whether or not to help his mom. I think that deep down Michael knew that he was going to help her, and he always knew that. It was just the part of saying it; finally saying ‘yeah; this is the time I help her’. This conflict was definitely and internal one. I think one conflict was when he was struggling whether or not to tell someone about what happens at home; I can only imagine how hard it must have been for him to know that it wouldn’t help anything. Another conflict was when he was trying to get his mom to leave. She wouldn’t budge for anything, and that just threw Michael over the edge.

    One memorable passage was this: pg.148
    “What’s my biggest fear now?” I held my breath.
    The old woman turned to face me. “Now your greatest fear is here.” She tapped my forehead. “Inside you. It is anger, what anger will make you do.” Her voice was a whisper.
    I like this passage because it shows what has happened to him over the years. He used to be afraid of being in closed spaces; it bothered him. But now he’s afraid of being in himself; the anger is there. It shows how he handles things, I think its deep; honestly.
    The second passage is: pg.248
    “You were right Michael. You can’t run, not really. I couldn’t run anymore either. I just didn’t have the heart for it, you know?”
    I this passage because it’s got my favorite line form the book; ‘you can’t run, not really’. I really like that because it is so true. I mean I never ran away or anything, but it could also be taken into running away from stuff fin your head, and that sooner or later catches up with you. I also like it because it shows that things can change’ Kristie went back to her sister, and now getting help. And I know that this probably shows Michael that it’s ok to help, and to stop running from him.

    I think the title is very appropriate for the book. It shows that there may be nothing to lose, but then again there always can be. In the begging that’s all your thinking; there’s nothing to lose. He can just leave. But maybe the title is also telling us that there will always be something to lose’ no matter what it is. You kind of have to look deeper into it than just the outside words.

    I would definitely recommend this book to someone else. And the good thing about this book is that it’s not a chick flick type book that you would really only recommend to girls. I know a guy would like this book also, and Flinn did a very good job with meeting the needs to everyone. I’d give this book a definite ten. I think it was a brilliant book that I know I will want to read again in the future. I think it is most certainly worthy of the Peach Book Award. It will capture the reader’s interest, and that’s what this award id looking for. I think it would be one of the top five definitely.

    Comment by kaite — June 26, 2008 @ 6:35 pm

  8. Final Assessment—Peach Book

    Question 1
    The Peach Book that I read was The Boyfriend List. This book is centered around the life of a teenage girl named Ruby Oliver, or Roo, who is all caught up in boys and high school drama. She just got dumped by boyfriend of six months, Jackson Clarke; her best friend, Kim, backstabbed her by being the one who got her Jackson to dump her; the rest of her friends, Cricket and Nora, don’t associate with her anymore; and to top it all off, there’s a list going around showing all the boys she’s supposedly “done something with”. The list is actually a “boyfriend” list her shrink made her write. The book starts off with Roo telling us that she’s not a slut or anything of the sort. Then she goes off into telling us about her panic attacks and why she has to go to a psychiatrist. It all started when her boyfriend of six months, Jackson Clarke, dumper her for her best friend Kim. Then everything started going downhill from there. The rising action is when Jackson takes her to the Spring Formal. They’re both dancing and having a good time. Then Jackson brings her up to the deck of the boat the dance was on and they stare out into the lake. Roo then kisses him and he sees other people and he blows up like he didn’t do anything. The climax is when he realizes he really wants her back and he would’ve dumped Kim for her. But then, he catches her with another guy and he totally blows up like she was the one cheating on him, but he dumped her, so why’s he all mad? I will never know…boys are just dumb sometimes. The falling action of the novel is when Roo finally gets used to being alone and it doesn’t bother her too much. She’s getting back into the swing of things and has a new friend who has always been there for her but she never noticed. The resolution to the book is Roo being at peace in the end. She ran into Nora at the mall and she talked to her. Nora wasn’t being mean or anything, just like friends would stop and chat to each other at the mall. Finally, the good book ends with Roo being happy.

    Question 2
    The major characters in this novel are Ruby Oliver, our narrator; Kim, her ex best friend; Cricket and Nora, other two best friends who dumped her after she kissed Jackson; Jackson Clarke, the guy who started all this madness. Ruby is also called Roo, she’s not an “it” girl or anything, but she’s just a normal everyday girl. She’s our narrator. She has so many boy problems that it just blows my mind. Kim was the best friend. Her and Roo would do everything together. Then she’s the one who started getting Jackson to hang out with her and getting him to almost start cheating on Roo. She wins Jackson over and he dumps Roo, leaving her broken hearted and hurt by her so-called “best friend”. Cricket and Nora are the other two girls in Roo’s friend group. They’re all best friends and they hang out all the time. Finally, Jackson Clarke. He’s a bag of jerk. He dumps Roo for her best friend Kim. He hung out with Kim behind Roo’s back. He got Roo to trust him and he just cut her off and broke her heart. Cricket and Nora would be the flat and static characters. They’re in the story a lot, but not really described too much. Cricket is sassy and Nora is quiet and sweet. Kim, Jackson, and Roo would be the round and dynamic characters. They’re described a lot and have a lot of life spun into them. I related to Roo the most. I’ve been where she’s been. I’ve had so many boy problems before my head was spinning out of control. I lead a crazy “love” life in 9th grade. I had a different date it seemed about every Friday. It was crazy. I’ve never stolen my best friend’s guy though. I strictly follow the girl code. I don’t date any of my friends’ exes. Unless given permission by the girl, which I have done before.

    Question 3
    There are probably a lot of themes I can come up with from this story. But I think the main one is: if your best friend steals your guy, why is she your best friend? That’s not a friend-type thing to do. I think this would be the main theme because many many girls now have really mean “best friends” who like to take boyfriends and such. This book may be trying to say, “Hey, don’t let that girl get you down, you deserve more than her, girlfriend.” There are many other themes too. Another is: don’t kiss more than one guy in a night; you’ll look like a slut, for lack of nicer words. Another would be: don’t drink beer or any type of alcohol. And if you must, don’t drink it at a party at your house; your parents will catch you. Another important theme or lesson would be: don’t throw any sort of personal papers in a public trash can; described in question 6.

    Question 4
    The major conflicts of this novel are between Roo and Kim, Roo and Jackson, and Roo and the rest of Tate Prep. I think these conflicts would be a mix of both internal and external. Roo was friends with these people and she’s struggling to keep them, but they don’t want her around anymore, so she gets these panic attacks because she’s struggling so hard to meet other people’s standards so that she won’t be fighting with these people anymore. The Roo-and-Kim conflict is a big one. They both are trying to get Cricket and Nora on their sides and poor Cricket and Nora have no idea what to do. Also, Kim took Roo’s boyfriend. That’s not good at all, in fact, that would make Kim a slut, for lack of a nicer term. The Roo-and-Jackson conflict is also big in the novel. He’s the one who dumped Roo for Kim. He started sneaking around saying that he has plans with his family and stuff, but really, he was going off with Kim and almost cheating on poor Roo. What a jerk!

    Question 5 [the book wasn’t on the shelves, so I just did what I could]
    One memorable passage would be when Jackson took Roo to the Spring Formal instead of Kim because she was in Japan visiting family. Jackson slow danced with her and held her close to him like she was still his girlfriend. It was terrible to lead Roo on like that. Then he took her up to the deck and they looked at the lake. It was cold, so Jackson put his jacket on Roo and he held her close again. Roo looked up into his eyes and she kissed him. He kissed back, but then when he sensed other people, he pushed her away and blew up. It started out as a “YES! He’s going to dump Kim and go back out with Roo!” but then he jerkified himself. This is very significant to the novel because this is why Roo ends up having no friends. Kim wins.
    Another memorable passage would be when Roo’s eating a popsicle with her dad and a school mate, Hutch—he’s there helping her dad start a green house, and she’s just truly happy for once in months. They were just sitting out on the dock, watching the sun play on the water, eating popsicles. This isn’t very important to the story or anything, but it was just a great part of the book. Roo’s finally happy for a little while. It was just great to read about her being at peace for a little while.

    Question 6
    The title of this novel is The Boyfriend List. I do feel this is an appropriate title. Roo does make a “boyfriend list” and the whole drama with Kim is pushed more with this list because Kim xeroxed it and stuck it everywhere. This is how the rumor of Roo being a total slut went around. This is another reason why people at her school don’t like her too much. She became a leper, a social outcast in other words.

    Question 7
    I would recommend this book to basically every girl. This is such a great book if you’re into the whole chick flick thing. This is a really good one that shows that everything doesn’t always happen like in the movies because in the end…well, I won’t spoil it for you. If I had to rate this book, I’d give it a 10 most definitely. It was a most excellent book. This book is worthy of the Peachiness. It’s just such a great book. I was laughing at the funny parts, and just about crying in the sad parts, I felt everything Roo was feeling. It’s very well written; kudos to E. Lockhart. I think that Twilight totally outdoes this book because it’s chick flicky AND has vampires. Twilight should win, but this book could definitely go for second place. The only reason I think that this book wouldn’t win the award is because of Twilight.

    Comment by CC — June 26, 2008 @ 6:41 pm

  9. Josue Final Assessment for Peach Book:
    “No More Dead Dogs” By:gordon Korman
    The entire plot of the story is about the main character his name is Wallace Wallace who does not want to write a reflection paper about a novel he was reading in school. It starts off with Wallace writing really negative things about the novel they had just read, called Old Shep, My Pal. The teacher who assigned this paper to Wallace is Mr. Fogelman who is also the school’s director for the drama club. Now Wallace is a very popular kid all over his town because at there school’s championship game Wallace caught the football and made the wining touchdown. Well Wallace’s punishment is that he isn’t allowed to attend football practice and instead has detention everyday in with the director and the entire drama club. During the detention lots of Wallace’s friends would get really angry with Wallace because they said they would lose every game unless Wallace is there to help them. Throughout the book several pranks were made to the drama club like, the teachers office filled with maple syrup, dropping marbles every where on stage, ect. Ounce Wallace realized that he would much rather be hanging out with the drama club instead of the football team, without even trying he told the whole student body, “I quit the football team and will help the drama club with there play Old Shep, My Pal” (remember Wallace had to write the paper about this same novel so it was pretty unbearable in there but I guess he got over it.) every one was shocked. Then the falling action was when Wallace later got to change the play the way he wanted and was able to sell out all the tickets. The resolution to the story was when Rachel (girl who “hates” Wallace) got a letter from her idol Jessica Robert’s saying that Rachel is madly in love with him ( Rachel would send letters to Jessica for advice) and Wallace made a whole lot of new friends.
    The main characters from the story would be Wallace Wallace, Rachel Turner, Trudi Davis, and Mr. Fogelman. Wallace is the football playing superstar of Bedford he always tells the truth and everyone always seems to like him or take his side. Rachel is the president of the drama club very strict and neat. She dislikes Wallace and wants to be an actress. Trudi is Rachel’s best friend and adores Wallace she is also in the drama club and is willing to do anything to have a man in her life. Mr. Fogelman is the drama clubs director and very young but has an old personality. At first never really liked Wallace. Every single character to was round they all had there own personalities and important to the book. I related to Wallace the most because I felt where he was coming from. And like him I also get blamed for a lot of things I didn’t do. So I fell his pain.
    I believe that the theme to this story was “sometimes it’s o.k. to lie”. The reason I think it is this is because Wallace got in trouble in the very beginning of the book by always saying what he felt and what he felt was pretty rude. None of the things that happened to him would have happed if he would have just said positive things about the story for the paper that was assigned. And would be able to lie himself out of trouble.
    One major conflict of the story is the fact that every prank someone commits to the drama club Wallace gets blamed for it. Which gets him into more trouble than he already is? This conflict is both internal and external because it makes Wallace feel really bad and guilty plus nobody starts to like him and is shunned from his fellow students. “Wallace ate his lunch in total isolation in spite of the fact that the cafeteria was packed, no one within twenty feet of radius was around him, he was being ignored be football players and drama club members alike”(142).
    A memorable passage from the story to me is “All that long blonde hair disappeared as Cavanaugh put his helmet back on, Wallace Wallace is a million percent honest, he wouldn’t tell a lie to save his own mother from bloodthirsty cannibals”. The reason this passage is important to me is because this was when Rachel found out that Wallace doesn’t lie. And that he is innocent and did not pull the bad prank on the drama club. Another important passage from the story is “Dear Rachel, I’ve starred in enough romantic comedies to know one when I see it. Take my word for it-you are crazy about this guy Wallace. Don’t let him get away. Yours truly, Julia Roberts.” And the reason I think this passage is important is because this is when Rachel finally realized she loves this guy not hates him. And this was the beginning of a friendship and the end of a grudge. Which is what everyone wants right?
    I feel that the title of the story really suites this novel because the entire story is about this play Old Shep, My Pal and the tragic story about a group of kids whose dog died. Now Wallace is the one who is making all the changes to the play and so he can do what ever he wants to it. On one of the pages Wallace says”Old Shep shouldn’t die”. And the tile of the book is no more dead dogs. Wallace even said that in every dog story or movie the dog always ends up dying, so why not give this story a happy ending and let shep live. The title of the book is No More, Dead Dogs and in the story that’s exactly what everybody wants, so it totally relates to the plot of the story.
    If I were to recommend this book to someone else I would, because it’s a really good book and I think a lot of people my age would enjoy reading something like this in there spare time. I’m not the reading type of person but this book seems to be very interesting, and wasn’t too bad to read. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate this story a 9 because it’s to short and should be longer with better description of characters and setting to the novel. I think it’s worthy of being a peach book nominee because students get to vote on it and the story is all about students our age and everyday problems like us. So it’s a good perspective because we as students can relate ourselves with the every day problems the book has in store for you. I would probably vote this book as a winner because once again I think it was fun to read and the author really gets your perspective on your life and can make a story about it. And how it can relate to us, students.

    Comment by Josue — June 26, 2008 @ 6:52 pm

  10. Peeps

    Question 1:
    Peeps is all about a boy named Cal Thompson. It opens up to a scene where Cal is trying to catch his old girlfriend, Sarah. He had given her the parasite and she had transformed into a peep. Then he caught her and sent her to Night Watch. Then there was a small chapter on Trematodes. The next chapter is a whole chapter of him explaining peeps and their connections to rats and vampire legends. He told us that he is a carrier of the parasite and all the stuff we needed to know about how he got it and what his job is. This is the exposition of the novel. The rising action is Cal searching for Morgan, the girl who gave him the parasite, and him meeting Lace in the apartment. He then meets up with Lace and tells her a bunch of lies about his job so he can get information, and they go sneaking around the apartment. Cal later found an abandoned room in the basement full of rats. There are a lot of chapters in between the story that are about other parasites. The climax of the story is probably when Lace finds out about Cal and the fact that he has the parasite. The falling action would be Lace finding out she has the parasite, Cal finding Morgan, Cal finding out about the peep cats, Cal catching the peeps in the basement, and everything in between. The resolution is actually a very climactic point in the story. They find out that there are giant parasite worms living under the city. All the peeps are being tamed and trained to fight the worms when the surface in the future.

    Question 2:
    The major characters in this novel are Cal, Lace, Morgan, and the Shrink. Cal is the main character of the story. He is also the narrator. He has the parasite and must help stop it from spreading around the city. He is definitely a round, dynamic character. We learn that his personality is very weird and effected greatly by the parasite. Lace is just a girl from the apartment Morgan used to live in. Cal meets her and tells her everything. They fall in love and she gets the parasite. She is kind of a round, dynamic character. Just like most girls, her emotions and opinions are very confusing, and she changes them throughout the story. Morgan is the girl who gave Cal the parasite. She is secretly working for Night Watch and already knows about everything. She is banding together other peeps and peep cats to help stop the worms. She is a round dynamic character also. At first we just see her as promiscuous and then eventually learn that she is very smart and is helping the city. The Shrink is the oldest peep in the world and the head of Night Watch. She stays in a protective bubble. She is a flat, static character. We don’t learn very much about her, but she is always staying in her bubble and telling Cal what he needs to do. I think I relate most to Cal. I’m not sure of any specific reasons, but the way the book was written we learn all about Cal’s life and follow him as if we are living it. I do have a cat just like he does though.

    Question 3:
    The theme of this book is completely evident. The next to last chapter of the book states the theme clearly. The whole book is full of random information about parasites and the central point of the plot is about the parasite that Cal has. The theme is parasites are us. Yes, parasites do a lot of bad things, such as killing people and animals in horrible ways; but they also do a lot of good things, such as preventing cows from over-grazing and killing other parasites. We depend on them and need them to survive. They are all part of the big system. “In a manner of speaking, parasites are us. Deal with it.”(Page 288)

    Question 4:
    The major conflicts in this novel are the parasite spreading through the city and Cal trying to stop it, and Cal trying to control his feelings and issues with the parasite inside himself. Cal is working to capture peeps and keep the city safe. This is an external conflict. The parasites are fighting with the world to gain control. “Basically, they want to rule the world and will crumple whole species like balls of paper and then reshape them in order to carry out their plans.” (Page 287) There is also a huge inner conflict within Cal. He has to fight with the parasite inside him. It tries to control his emotions and he can’t fall in love with Lace because of it. This conflict of Cal’s is a major part of the story.

    Question 5:
    Passage 1-
    Cal: “Okay.” I cleared my throat. “First of all, I’m not really Morgan’s cousin.”
    Lace: “Duh.”
    I frowned. This revelation hadn’t provided the same oomph that it had on my mental flowchart of the conversation. “But I am looking for her.”
    “Again: duh, dude. So you’re like a private detective or something? Or a stalker ex-boyfriend?
    “No. I work for the city.”
    “Cal, you are so not a cop.”
    I wasn’t quite sure how she’d come to this assessment, but I couldn’t argue. “No, I’m not. I work for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Sexually Transmitted Disease Control.”
    “Sexually transmitted?” She raised an eyebrow. “Wait. Are you sure you’re not a stalker?” (Page 75-76)
    I have chosen this passage because I found it hilarious. Cal is trying to make up something to tell Lace so that he can get information from her on Morgan. I laughed my butt off when I read this. I suppose it is not extremely important to the story line or anything, but I really liked it.
    Passage 2-
    Let us recap:
    Parasites are bad.
    They suck your blood out of the lining of your stomach. They grow into two-foot-long snakes and roost in the skin of your leg. They infect your cat and then jump up your nose to live in cysts inside your brain, turning you into feline-centric and irresponsible. They take over your blood cells in hopes of infecting passing mosquitoes, leaving your liver and brain crumbling from lack of oxygen. They incense your immune system, causing it to destroy your eyeballs. They take terrible advantage of snails and birds and ants and monkeys and cows, stealing their bodies and their food and their evolutionary features. They almost starved twenty million people in Africa to death.
    Basically, they want to rule the world and will crumple whole species like balls of paper and then reshape them in order to carry out their plans. They turn us into walking undead, ravaged hosts that serve only their reproduction.
    That’s bad. But…
    Parasites are also good.
    They have bred howler monkeys to live in peace with one another. Their lousy genes help track the history of the human species. They prevent cows from overgrazing grasslands into windblown deserts. The tame your immune system so it doesn’t destroy your stomach lining. Then the go and save those twenty million people in Africa, by laying their eggs in those other parasites, the ones trying to starve them.
    Which is all quite good really.
    So, parasites are bad and good. We depend on them, like all other checks and balances of the natural world; predators and prey, vegetarians and carnivores, parasites and hosts all need one another to survive.
    Here’s the thing: They’re part of the system. Like government bureaucracies with all those forms that have to be filled out in triplicate, they may be a pain, but we’re stuck with them. If every parasite suddenly disappeared from earth one day, it would be a much bigger disaster than you’d think. The natural order would crumble. (Pages 287-288)
    I chose this passage because I feel it is the most important passage in the entire book. It ties everything together. There was a point to all the random informational chapters. This passage is completely true. I like how it explained it. The whole book was simply to prove this.

    Question 6:
    The title of this novel was a very good one. Peeps are the creatures that people turn into when the get the parasite. It is short for parasite-positives. The whole book is about the parasite and the peeps. Peeps turn out to be very important to the world and are here to save the city from the giant worms. It was a very appropriate title.

    Question 7:
    I would definitely recommend this book to someone else, in fact, I already have. I absolutely loved this book!! I think everyone should read it. You learn something new every other chapter and the story is very captivating. You lose yourself in it. It is a good book for both guys and girls. I would rate this book a great, big 10. I think it should win the Peach Book Award. It deserves it. It had a great plot and funny and interesting characters that are easily related to by today’s youth. Along with that, there was an exciting and scary adventure with a huge twist at the end. If you haven’t read it, please do. It was an amazing book. That is why I finished reading it so early. I couldn’t put it down.

    Comment by Angie — June 26, 2008 @ 6:53 pm

  11. The Book Thief
    By Makus Zusak

    The plot of the novel is simplistically complex. The story is about Liesel Meminger and her life in Molching, Germany. It tells us how she got there and what her life was like there. We see that in the beginning she didn’t know how to read, but that was changed by Hans Hubberman, her papa. She found a book at her brother’s grave site and she kept it. This was the first book she stole. She kept it because this book would always remind her of her young dead brother. Her mother was sadly required to drop off her and her brother at a foster home program. That is where the Hubbermans come into play. The Hubbermans were the foster family the Liesel has come to stay with. The middle of the story is a bit simpler. Liesel steals some books. The Hubbermans take a Jew into there house. Liesel starts to fall in love with Rudy Steiner, her best friend. I don’t want to give the whole story to you, but I want you to understand how good a read it really is.

    The major characters of this novel are Rudy Steiner, Liesel Meminger, The Hubberman, Max Vandenberg, the townsfolk of molching, and the mayor’s wife. Each character is there own person. What I mean by this is that each has there own personality and differences. Liesel is a determined to love and live life to the fullest. Rudy is determined to be like Jesse Owens and get a kiss from Liesel. The Hubberman consist of a very happy father figure Hans and a cardboard faced mama Rosa. Hans is the one who shows love for his daughter in the expected ways while Rosa is a bit more simplistic and loving with her in a different way. The mayor’s wife, Ilsa Hermann, plays an important role in the story. Liesel steals from this woman. She is the main source for Liesel’s books. Then there is the odd bunch that lives in molching. Those that Liesel and Rudy interact with, but have no if little actual face time.

    I think that the major theme of this book is the heartache that comes from war. Losing people you love to a shell from people you have never met. You are the only one who survives a bombing in your little town. The craziness of your leader brining hardships to the people that he promised would be happy and wealthy. The theme is about watching your best friend leave because your father is suspected of helping them and there people. The theme is sadness, pain, and hatred. The hatred of the leader that promised you everything, but then gave you nothing. He lives a happy life with in a house that is well protected and well supplied while you must steal for food and clothed and you must be afraid of bombs or shells destroying your little nothing you call a home.

    The major conflict of this story is the narrator. I’m talking about death. He is telling us Liesel’s story from his point of view. He dose have help from the book she wrote, but that is not the point. The point is that death in all its weird glory is the conflict. The wanting to and not wanting to die. People want to die to live. They want to leave the pain and misery of Hitler’s rule. They want to escape from the fear of losing an arm or a leg to shells, but they want to live. They want to be with the ones the care about and love. They want to see them happy and safe so they don’t want to die. They want to protect there families. It is a hard choice to make.

    Two passages I found very memorable where when Liesel confessed her love for Rudy.
    ”She did more than mouth the word now ’Rudy?’
    He lay with his yellow hair and closed eyes, and the book thief ran toward him and fell down. She dropped the black book ‘Rudy,’ she sobbed ‘wake up….’ She grabbed him by his shirt and gave him just the slightest did believing shake. ’Wake up, Rudy’ and now as the sky went on heating and showering ash, Liesel was holding Rudy Steiner’s shirt by the front. ’Rudy, please.’ The tears grappled with her face. ‘Rudy, please, wake up, Goddamn it, wake up, I love you. Come on, Rudy, come on, Jesse Owens, don’t you know I love you, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up….’ But nothing cared.”

    This is especially important because it is the last we will ever hear from poor Rudy. Liesel lost her first love to people she never even knew. It’s a sad passage.

    Comment by jordan — June 26, 2008 @ 6:56 pm

  12. Michael
    Final Assessment for Peach book
    Acceleration by Graham McNamee

    Duncan, Vinny, and Wayne are all friends working, wasting time, on the summer before senior year in high school. Duncan is the soul, Vinny the brains, and Wayne the muscle. At the end of the previous summer, Duncan tried to save a drowning girl and failed terribly and still feels bad. Not being a hero has really affected his life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend Kim. Also, he is now terrified of swimming, especially when the nightmares come back to haunt him of the previous summer.
    Duncan’s summer job is with the public transit lost and found. While trying to make the time not go by slowly, Duncan looks through the items, like the books and golf clubs, and his beauty a sweet black leather jacket. One day he discovers an unmarked journal with no name, which depicts sadistic animal torture experiments, boasts of arson fires, and the planning for the killings of three women. Duncan decides to make amends for his failure last summer by tracking down the owner of the journal by using clues left hidden in the diary.
    After talking with his friend Vinny, Duncan decides to turn the journal over to the police, but they do not take him seriously, so he decides to get help from Vinny, does some research at the local library, and find out where the killer works and lives so they can prove to the police that the diary is real
    After the show the information to the police they still don’t believe them so Duncan goes to this guy’s house to find more proof, he finds some useful thing but in a split second the Roach (our bad guy) walks in. Duncan hides in the closet in the Roach bedroom. But this guy knows Duncan is their it is like a sixth sense the guy has. He walks up to the door of the closet and in an instant Duncan rushes out and hits the guy with a bat and tries to get out as soon but he gets a gash on his arm from the roach. Duncan eventually gets out and runs for his life like a mad man with blood rushing from his arm, he also ends up rolling his ankle. With Roach right on his tail Duncan heads for the subway station because if he gets on the train he will be free. Duncan arrives their grabs a ticket and is waiting on the loading dock when he is thrown on to the tracks by Roach, every time Duncan tries to pull himself up roach kicks at his hands to make him stay in their when Duncan gets lucky and pulls roach in the tracks as well and they start fight and Roach is holding Duncan when the earth starts to rattle he knows what is coming, the lights get closer and closer then darkness. We then see the next day here is the headline “SUBWAY ASSAULT ENDS IN DEATH” The Roach or his real name which is Scott Weber was mauled by the train; Duncan is in critical condition but will be ok. He ends up forgiving himself for the girls’ death and starts to slowly move on in his life.

    Duncan is our main character is a teen that has messed up a lot and really wants things to get better with his exgirlfriend and he wants to forgive himself about the girl he tried to save but he failed. He wishes things could get better but some how they just get worse. He is a dynamic character going from feeling guilty about the girls who died and by the time we reach the end he finally gets peace. Duncan is a round character and his personality changes all the time on weather he wanted to find and kill roach or if he didn’t. he have a strange mentality towards things.
    Vinny and Wayne are Duncan’s best friends and they do everything with him even breaking and entering, Vinny is considered the brain and Wayne is the muscle and that because Vinny knows a lot of things and Wayne is kind of a bully. They are both flat in a sense they have the same personality thru the whole story.
    The theme of this is forgive yourself for mistakes but don’t do anything like risking your life to prove that you can be a hero, everyone can be a hero based on anything a person does, and another note to other would be not to go and search for a serial killer because you can end up getting seriously hurt or even killed. The reason I think this is the theme is, life is hard there are several things you can do to try to redeem yourself but if you let someone done the best thing you can do is try to move one and live you life.
    Diffidently when Duncan goes to roach’s house and searches for thing and fights roach. The internal conflict for Duncan would be his forgiveness for himself for the girl who died the previous summer and he tries to build himself to a point where he is better with himself and can move on.
    “Me and you going after this guy,” says Vinny “it is like the Hardy boys meets Hannibal Lecter” I picked this quote from when Duncan tells Vinny about the diary. And Vinny is all excited to find this guy and hunt him down. “I’d whack you on the head if you didn’t already have a concussion” this is from the end of the book where Duncan’s ex Girlfriend come to see him, I chose this cause I believe that their could possibly be something there for these two again which I think would end up better for the story but that doesn’t happen we never figure out what happens between them.

    Comment by michael — June 26, 2008 @ 6:56 pm

  13. breathing underwater

    The peach book I chose was Breathing Underwater, and it was very good it’s about this guy named Nick and he is a freshman in a new school year with his best friend since kindergarten Tom. Nick meets this girl named Caitlin and they start talking and hanging out and the grow very strong feelings for each other. Nicks father beats him and the only person that he trusts enough to tell is Caitlin. Caitlin can kind of relate to him, because she used to be fat and she has gone to fat camp every summer since she was little. Her mom is living her life through Caitlin and she always tells Caitlin that she is never good enough. As Nick and Caitlin’s relationship grows Nick becomes like someone he never wanted to be like. His father he starts getting mad at Caitlin a lot and he always yells at her and tells her she is fat or she shouldn’t to the singing show at her school because she will embarrass herself. He makes her feel the complete opposite that he used to. Other times he is sweet and he feels bad that he treats her like this -and Caitlin always accepts his apologies and everything is back to normal. One day he hits her and from there on Caitlin was always scared, trying to do everything she can to make him happy so she won’t make him mad. After the last fight they have it was done for good and Caitlin took him to court and put a restraining order against Nick. Now Nick has to go to Family violence and anger classes to help him with his problem that he has. Meanwhile back at school with his friends is not going so good. Nobody will talk to him not even his best friend Tom.
    The main characters in this novel are Nick, Caitlin,Tom,Elsa,Mario,Leo.Nick Is Caitlin’s boyfriend and him and Tom are best friends and Elsa is Caitlin’s best friend. Mario is Nick’s teacher when he goes to family violence classes to help with his anger. He gave nick a lot of advice and they became pretty close. Leo is a friend that is in that class with nick and he has been through what Nick and Caitlin are so they become really good friends but he abuses his girlfriend and he ends up killing himself. Caitlin is a round character because she is a girl and she is just more outgoing. Nick is very dynamic because one moment he is sweet and happy the next moment he is a prick and he is being mean to Caitlin. I can’t really relate to anyone but I can definitely identify Caitlin the most strongly. I can identify her the most is because I’m a girl and I have had boyfriends never ones like Nick but I have had mean boyfriends and I know what it feels like to constantly have to try so hard and do anything to make someone happy so that its not your fault.
    In my opinion to be honest I’m not really sure what the theme of this book is because I’m pretty sure the theme isn’t don’t abuse someone you love but in my opinion that’s one of them. Another theme I would consider appropriate is to treat others like you would want to be treated, because Nick knew what it felt like to be beat up on and it probably hurts him so why would he do it to Caitlin?
    The major conflicts in this story are Nick being abusive and being mean to Caitlin and also that it just gets worse. I mean he apologizes and then he promises he won’t do it again and that he loves her then he does it again and ten times worse. Also the conflict with his dad, his dad hits him but not all the time and not too badly but he does stay home from school for a day or two because he had a bruise and didn’t want anyone to see it. Nicks problems are very internal and Caitlin doesn’t really have a problem besides him. So I would consider that an external conflict that Caitlin has.
    I slapped her across the face and reeled back from the force of the blow. Her head smashed into the light pole. I stumbled, regained my strength and advanced on yelling. She started to sob holding her hand to her check. I hit her again this time my fist was clenched, my feet set. I hit her again not seeing her face, could make her real if I wanted. Only anger, red, violent, on me like a cloak. My hands closing around her neck barely knowing who she was. Then she was on the ground, not even crying, whispering something I couldn’t hear. Get up I screamed. No I could barely hear her. Please, Nick. No more. (pg.243)
    This passage was important to me because it sounds so realistic if I were to actually imagine it I get upset to even try to think that that was me on the ground in Caitlin’s situation. That’s what makes this book so good. It’s memorable to me because to just think of how upset I would be if my boyfriend did that to me I would be devastated if my boyfriend ever hit me or anything. I just can’t imagine how I would feel or how my boyfriend would feel. Probably, worse than me.
    I don’t really think the title is appropriate because I don’t really know what breathing underwater means and it never does explain it in the book it only says it once. I guess it does relate to the theme somehow and I would be able to tell you if I knew what breathing underwater was.
    I would defiantly recommend this book to someone I love it I could probably read it a couple more times it gives me chill bumps and could make me cry if I really think about it. I love it because its so realistic and its about teenagers and relationships and I cant relate to it in someway. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 10 =] Because its just amazing and once you pick it up its really hard to put down. I definitely think its worthy of peach book nominee because it is a book for young adults and teenagers. Yes I would vote for the book to be the winner of the award because I really like it.

    Comment by taylor — June 26, 2008 @ 6:57 pm

  14. In the novel, Catalyst, Katie Malone is an intelligent, responsible young adult. However, she makes a not-so-intelligent move by only applying to one college, MIT. Throughout the story, she stresses, until she finally receives the letter from MIT. Unfortunately, they rejected her application. While all this is going on, more problems occur. Her neighbor, Teri Litch, the one person in the world Katie can’t stand to be around, moves into her room. Why? A fire destroys Teri’s home, so now Teri and her little brother Mikey are staying in Katie’s room while they fix up the house. Katie doesn’t enjoy spending time with Teri but she gets closer to Mikey. Katie and Teri get to a point where they can stand each other, but things change when little Mikey dies of a massive electrical shock. At first, Teri is quiet and follows Katie around like a lost puppy but then after the funeral, Teri gets very angry at Katie. In the end, they work things out and Katie starts helping Teri rebuild the house.
    The major characters of this story are Katie, her brother Toby, Their dad Jack, and the Litch family Teri, Mikey, and Mrs. Litch. Katie’s friends Sara, Travis, and Mitch are also important. There are also many other characters throughout the story such as the members of the church, the teachers at school, and all the volunteers that helped the Litch family in there time of need. I believe the character in this story I can relate to most is Katie. The way she handles her problems are similar to my ways. When she needs to get away, she runs. I prefer walking but it provides the same escape. I also noticed that Katie is the quiet type. She doesn’t talk about what’s going on in her head, even if she really should open up to someone. I’m the same way. I just think my problems through. I try to sort them out myself.
    The major conflicts in this novel are Katie not getting into MIT, the Litch fire, and little Mikey’s death. The major conflicts in the story create other problems. Katie not getting into MIT is an external conflict, Katie versus MIT. The Litch fire is also an external conflict, the house versus the fire. Man versus nature. It causes more problems like Katie having to share her room with Teri and Mikey, which I feel can be both external and internal. The community also has to rebuild the house. That leads to little Mikey’s death. I feel that that also can be internal and external, depending on whether you’re think about Mikey versus the electricity or everyone’s sadness about the loss.
    A catalyst is a substance which increases the rate of a reaction. I feel the title of the novel is fitting. One Katie is a major science freak. She loves science. It’s everything to her. I also feel it ties in with the story. All the problems Katie went through came together at once. She had a lot going on. They were like the catalyst increasing the rate of a reaction.
    I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. It was an amazing book and I loved it. I felt like I could relate to Katie in so many ways. I would rate this book a 10. I loved the way I felt like I could relate to Katie. It actually helped me a lot. Reading this book made me think about how I act when I’m in over my head with problems. It is definitely worthy of being a Peach Book Award nominee and I would absolutely vote this book a winner if I had the chance.

    Comment by Carissa — June 27, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

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