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June 28, 2007

More final exam responses

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A few of you may have accidentally posted your final exam responses in the wrong thread…I have moved them to this space. 




  1. I think I’ve have learned more in these four weeks than I learned my whole school year. I learned subject verb agreement, which I’m not the great at. I learn about a ton of grammar that I was terrible at and now I’m only bad at it. I learned a lot about novels like “I am Mordred” that was probably the best book I’ve read in a long time. I understand everything so much better than before it’s not even just a little change. I mean my mom is impressed that I correct her grammar and stuff and I’m very happy with how much I’ve learned I think I can go in to the 11th grade very confident about my lit skills. I think my teacher was awesome she helped me anytime I needed it and that’s the best way to learn. I think the thing I’ve learned the most is the grammar I use to really struggle with it and it made me really frustrated and want to give up, but Mrs. Hamilton made sure I understood all the things she taught.

    “Poetry is a doorway to your soul” Floria. I think what she means by this is that writing can open up your soul. You can express your feelings better when you write than when you talk. Its like your able just not have a care in the word when your writing and when your finish writing you feel so relive that you wrote that out of your system. It’s just like a way to get away from the word and relax. I think that’s true for some people that writing is way to open up and make your should lighter like going to a confessional. Some people don’t have the same connection when they write and don’t feel anything but to some it’s the best feeling in the world.
    “Poetry is emotion put into measure. The emotion must come by nature, but the measure can be acquired by art.” Thomas Hardy. I think that it’s saying that with your emotion you can think of all these beautiful things but it takes time to master the art of forming them together to make a beautiful poem. It’s saying everyone has the potential to write it’s just a matter of learning the steps. Everyone one has an inner beauty but you have to refine that ability to make it truly amazing.
    “Poetry is the universal language.” William Stanley Merwin. I think its saying that everyone understands poetry. Not the language it’s spoken in but the format and the feel they get when they read that poem. Everyone around the world understands a good poem when they read one. Like if someone read a poem from Germany and it was good people all over the world would understand that it was a poem. Some people may not like the poem but they will still understand it’s a poem that everyone in the world will understand.

    My favorite study that we did was the “I am Mordred” by far that was my favorite. It was full of adventure and even if Mordred did kill his father it was still a good book. If I had the book I would read it again, it was just that good. I feel bad for Mordred though because the whole book he was trying to figure out a way to escape his fate but never could. I think the most challenging thing was the grammar, I have never been good with grammar but my teacher made it so much easier for me. I’m not good with subject verb agreements but she explained it so well that I had finished all the pages in my worksheet before anyone else.

    At first I really didn’t like the blogs because I couldn’t think of anything to write but as the month went on I got use to it and it was a really easy grade. I do think it was helpful when we would reflect on Mordred because it made you think back to what had happen and keep it fresh in your mind. Yes, I would love teachers to use these next year they help your grade and their not hard at all. It’s just pretty much a summery of whatever you just did and if you pay attention it’s really easy. I think the reason I had trouble in the beginning is because I missed the first few day because of a schedule error and then after I got in the class and start getting the hang of it, it became really easy.

    I thought it was going to be really hard I figured we where going to have to write a ton of papers. At the end of the month I thought it was really easy and pretty fun and I was right about having to write a lot of papers. I’ve liked summer school every time I’ve been because I always have really good teachers and they make it really easy to learn and have fun in the class. I would tell them that this is probably the most fun you’re ever going to have taking a class; she’s a great teacher and makes everything really interesting. Mrs. Hamilton is a great teacher and I just wish she could be my teacher next year so that way I could have a productive year and I would already be comfortable with the teacher to.

    Comment by Sean W — June 28, 2007 @ 2:32 pm

  2. Question one.
    Over the past four weeks I reviewed and learned many things. I have gained understanding in Grammar which I have never before. I have learned new skills in writing and literature. One helpful learning activity was the reading of I am Mordred this helped me learn skills in literature. All the grammar packets have tremendously helped in my writing and grammar skills. I wish we would have studied more literature I really liked the literature we have done. I feel this course helped me in almost every way of English. I think that in the future it will help my writing skills, reading skills, creativity skills and grammar skills.
    Question two
    Poetry is a precise thing like Geometry. This means that poetry is a fragile thing and you have to take your time with it. Poetry cannot be rushed. If you take your time and does it write it will be a well written poem.
    Poetry … is …. A speaking picture, with its end: to teach and delight. I think this statement is very true
    Poetry is a universal language.
    I believe this is a very true statement. Poetry can be a language to anyone it can be just thoughts I think that poetry can be a speech to the world. I think that poetry is able to speak to anyone.
    Question three
    The unit that was my favorite so far was the short story multi genre paper. It was enjoyable because I had fun doing it. It was fun because it made me read a story (which I loved) also I got to use my creativity throughout the poem. I have accomplished the two major projects. To me these were the most fun but the hardest of all.
    Question four.
    I though the blog was a great idea to see what we were thinking. It was a very helpful tool, it helped me express myself and tell you what I thought. I would recommend this to future teachers I think it is a great way for teachers and students to connect. I think that if teachers use blogs it is a great way for students to state what they think in a way without telling anyone.
    Question five.
    My expectations were to get a good grade in this class. I wanted to make up what I have lacked in the past year of World Literature. When I look back, I notice that the time has flown by. I wish when I first came here I would have an open mind about summer school then shutting it out. Think that I could have done better. I would advise them to take the time she gives you wisely. I really have enjoyed this class and made the best of it. Thank you for taking the time to teach our class I have learned a lot.

    Comment by Mike H — June 28, 2007 @ 3:44 pm

  3. Question 1: In the four weeks that I have been in summer school, I feel that I have accomplished twice as much if I was at regular school. I was able to come into class, accomplish my work, and I knew that at the end of the day, I would have accomplished 7 days wroth of work for one class, if I was in regular day school. I think that the most helpful habits that I have acquired in summer school range from note taking to writing what I have read about. I think that after I typed my blog response after reading something or after I have accomplished my work, it gave me a good checkpoint to get to. I think that I understand poetry a lot better than I did when I first started summer school. I am able to read poetry, and actually understand what the poem is about. I think the only thing that I would have liked to spend more time on and gone over would have been about heroes and legends. I know that we spent some time on Mordred, but I would have liked to learn more about that time era. I feel that this course has helped me in more than just getting my credits back. I feel that this course has enabled me to learn more about literature and the feel of poems and stories. I feel that this course has given me a new chance to learn about literature and understand the deeper meanings. I think that some of the things that I have learned that will help me later in my future will be the literary terms. Literary elements will allow me to look at stories and poems with a more in depth look and a great outlook on stories, rather than just understanding the plot and the setting of the story that I am reading.

    Question 2:
    “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” – Robert Frost.
    This quote is a very good one, not in that it is my favorite author of poems, but that I can relate with this quote. As I read a poem, I feel good and I know that I am going to enjoy this. But as I read the poem, I know that in the end, I will find a hidden meaning. In Robert Frost poems, he hides meanings in his poems and he hides wisdom. Like little nuggets of gold, you must dig for this knowledge. I love to dig and dig until I find this knowledge. I love to find a meaning behind Robert Frost stories such as “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “The Road Not Taken”.

    “Poetry is the universal language…” – William Hazlitt
    This poem makes me think of what every poem is supposed to do, bring out feeling. With poems, you use them to put your emotions onto paper. With this saying, it is saying that poems are emotion, making emotions the universal language. This is very true. This saying shows that poetry of every kind has emotion. Whether it is anger or happiness, poems can bring out every emotion that all of mankind can relate with.

    “Poetry is the doorway to the soul.” –Floria
    This quote speaks for itself. Its meaning is standing out. There is no seeking for its true meaning. Poetry is the doorway to the soul. It is way to write your emotions onto paper and it is the only kind of paper you can write that will allow you to do that. This quote shows you that you can make a poem into a gateway. You can let people now how you are feeling, with just a few verses of a stanza.

    Question 3: If I had to pick which subject that we studied, was my favorite, I would have to pick the subject about Mordred and the heroes. I love the feeling of medieval times and I love the lifestyle of those times. The code of chivalry, the rules of engagement, and the quest that you where sent on. I would say the most difficult section for me would be the grammar section of our summer session. The reason is because I really do not find grammar exciting. I find it dry and boring. Even though grammar is the building block to writing, I do not enjoy grammar at all. I would rather let spell check do the work for me. I would say the thing I am most proud of in my accomplishments are the three projects that we where supposed to do. I was surprised that I was able to put so much hard work into my papers and that I was able to mix creativity and intelligence together. I am proud of my accomplishments in the respect that I have done something I have never done. I was able to work on three separate projects continuously and finish my work.

    Question 4: I think that using a blog was extremely helpful. It let me review what I had accomplished in class that day. It let me look at other peoples work and see how intelligent my other students were. The blog also gave me an upper hand in that I am able to write faster by typing, rather than writing things out. The blog gave me a tool that I was able to sharpen and use to give myself a better grip on my work. I would defiantly want teachers in the future to use blogs. They are helpful tools that allow use to post our ideas and our thoughts on the internet for others to review. I feel that it also gave us a better way to connect with the internet and learn from the internet with poems and examples that the teachers can give us. The blogs can allow student to go home, put their ideas on the blog, and look at other students work after they are done typing.

    Question 5: I thought that in summer school, I was going to fall asleep and be extremely bored. I thought that this was a waste of time and that I would not be able to accomplish anything, but to my surprise, I was able to learn much more than what I have ever thought possible. I learned about poetry, short stories, grammar, and literary elements, and instead of throwing all this knowledge away, I was able to retain the knowledge. Instead of balancing a heavy schedule of seven periods everyday, I was able to put all my strength into one subject. I feel that this summer school experience has given me a second chance. It has given me a learning block in order so that I am able to take the next step. I have retained the knowledge that was given to me, and I have learned more than I ever could have. I have acquired so many learning tools and I have been able to retain my knowledge that I have learned. I feel that this summer school experience has not only taught me what I first thought in the beginning, that I will not fail ever again. But instead, it taught me that in order to do this, I need to retain my knowledge and pay attention in class. With this new found knowledge, I know I can succeed in life.

    Comment by Robert B. — June 28, 2007 @ 5:03 pm

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